Monday, July 24, 2017

This is why we shouldn't underestimate the power of a Journal.!

At some point of our lives almost every one of us had a beautiful connection with a book. This may be a journal or a diary and it is a most beautiful and an intimate relationship.
Some of us might didn't get a chance to write everyday.
Some of us might have given up the idea just because of the sneak peeks of the family  
or might've even lost the interest along the way.
In my case, although I write, I don't everyday.
My journal has its own name.. ;)
It's not a fancy book with bold letters of JOURNAL ; it's a simple book hiding in the plain sight.

1. Best Friend
It has been a best friend even though we have no idea about that.
My journal knows everything about me. But it doesn't judge me. My deep dark secrets and insecurities also fantasies.
At some point a journal can seem like a fantasy as we write "what if"situations. Yet it is so beautiful . I believe yours too.

2. The hobby we've never known.
When nothing else is worth spending time, grabbing that book a pen could be the easiest way to find solace. Journaling could be a hobby as opposed to the fact that routine journaling could be a habit.

3. Our true resume for life
Journal knows our potential, strengths and also weaknesses. We can assess own own attitudes and develop ourselves with time as we add our life experiences to the journal.
Journals never get destroyed by themselves unless we misplace it. So it’s a written record of our insignificant, little but valuable milestones.
Even though no one else believes it; journal is a proof that we’ve achieved one of the most important things in life ; experience”.

4. Shhh how about the secrets.
You know what I’m talking about, Journal carries an ongoing list of “crushes”, unrequited love stories and many more. It’s alright because somebody gotta know it.
That’s why journaling is a method of relieving stress.
To avoid reliving in the situation you can develop the story to your benefit coz no one knows your side of the story better than the journal.

5. Our ideas are stored in there.
We have revolutionary but totally impractical ideas.
Why not write them down. Someday we might turn them into innovative and completely practical ideas.

6. Write. write . write
Last but not least I have to mention how much it helps to develops writing skills and constructing thoughts into words.
It’s never easy turning thoughts into words let alone writing them down. Therefore it also helps to develop concentration.

Journaling is a wonderful journey.
If you haven’t tried yet it’s time to get on board.
Happy Journaling.! XD

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Did you make someone happy today.?

It's been a while, sitting behind a keyboard and typing what my heart says. This blog is 1 year old now. I thank everyone of you for visiting and reading my little scribbles in the cyberspace.  

In this post I would like to address our very own dark places, little snags along the way. We all have our own set of problems. We carry that sac every day upgrading it with a new set of problems. At the same time every one of us think that we are the ones carrying the heaviest load whereas that’s the smallest in the world.

If worries and happiness came in separate packages, what would you choose.?
 You even have the chance to sign up for both packages…

Sunday, September 11, 2016

When your confidante/ best friend becomes a blogger;

A blogger/a writer  they are the people who revolve around ideas, or ideas revolve around them. As a person who loves to write I treasure my experiences and also the experiences of others. 
Every tiny bit of writing that flows from the edge of a pencil on a notepad contains those cherished moments of writers. That’s why even a fancy fairy tale or a tragic love story cannot be discarded.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

7 things My Best Friend's Better half should Know..

First of all I’m proud to say that I have BFFs.. yeah in plural. It’s intriguing to see them wandering in their relationships hand in hand. I share their happiness wishing more and more happiness to them.
This powerful four letter word can bring drifting girls down to earth and can make guys to see the world in another perspective. Love is what drove Jane to Mr.Rochester from far away & Heathcliff to Catherine from a world far beyond.
These few things listed below, I think every guy should know. They  were gathered from my surroundings and as always feel free to object..

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not Feminism ; but Realism

She is a healer, creator and a designer.

Even this is not a pre-planned post about feminism or society.. It turned out that those variables are in the same equation and cannot be separated.;
World thinks that each Home sapience who carry two x chromosomes is a born feminist
Even though everyone ought to speak for her, her rights and her future, she is the volunteer spokesperson for herself and others.

A girl, a woman, a mother,  a leader; so many roles one chromosome decides.
Mother nature, mother ship even mother nucleus... so many words root from her.

Over 50% of the world population. Yet, she needs a voice.
That’s not because she hasn’t the voice, because her voice has been diminished over centuries.  Early hominids left females at caves and went hunting and exploring because looking after the offspring was her duty..

Ahem.. ditto even for today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wondering eyes...

Among thousand eyes,
Only one that wonder,

It’s a deep blue sea..
And serene...
A spellbinding glance
from beguiling eyes.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting back to My Blog..!!

My Blogging started nearly six months ago. It was just following a passion, sharing what I read & things I stumbled upon. It was a journey and an adventure as well; living in a virtual world reading,writing and reading again....

Then I had to start another journey in my real life, It got busy to busier. So the virtual world was on a pause. Complying to my blogging buddy’s persistent requests and my own conscious, I feel now it’s the time to start; start again.

Learning the balance and finding the sweet spot is a must when following a passion. Otherwise a vital variable might miss from the equation.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Had a taste of a busy life and I learnt 5 things..!

There is a saying ; that some things in life we need to have a firsthand experience to know exactly what it is like to be. Having a tight schedule is something like that. During my short experience; I've learnt few things. 

Even though these experiences are recent, my feelings are long lasting.. 
My first alarm goes off at 4.35 a.m and my second alarm screams at 4.40 a.m. The 5 minutes between them is a bliss..! 

Here are few things I figured out..

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My first childhood fandom; The X-Files..

Granted that it was scary and not good as a tv show after 9 pm, I loved it and I still do.
I was 8 when I first started to watch the series, in 2003 and I instantly became a fan. 
Ever since that little girl remains the same, waiting till January 24th to watch the new season,
Mulder and Scully again.

If you are like me, please raise your hand I’d like to give you a high five. Yeah.!

*In this post I’m talking about the character Mulder not the actor David Duchovny whose acting is beyond expectation and brilliant & I assure you there are no spoilers about the new season.. So feel free to keep reading....