Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween..!! Trick or Treat.? Did you find your costume?

Here is my Halloween treat for you.

Other than randomly picking up a costume from a store, how about digging to find the perfect costume.

So many Mr. Spocks-s, Super man-s, spider man-s , witches, wizards, HarryPotter-s will be swarming through streets on Halloween. How about going a little out-of-box.?

Your Halloween dress represents yourself; your personality, your interests and obsessions. Most of the time people think your dress as your role model.
So choose carefully.

We have passed series of Halloween days. Do you remember your first dress.? Probably a cute bunny, then a princess, snow white .. etc.

Have you ever dressed like  Einstein or madame Curie? If you ask me, they are the science rock stars.

Couples always go with Romeo & Juliet. How about salt & pepper, well those are kitchen super stars.  

What’s your dress this year.? I strongly suggest you to avoid TV characters. Try to present yourself from your dress.

My first choice is Cleopatra.!!

What are the things you considered before choosing your dress.?

nothing; Well if your dress impresses you, kudos.! If not plz reconsider.

I needed a super cool woman with a powerful character, it is to impress me.
Check. Check . I’m Ok with Cleopatra, though she is rude she is powerful. So I’ll go with my first choice.

Have a Happy/Creepy/Spooky/Cool Halloween...!!

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