Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Upgrade your Least favourite cousin into the most Favourite

We all have that cousin who give us that evil eye. No matter what we do, we are not good enough for them. Your disliking can be mutual; but let's try and change this.

 I did.I hope you will too. 

That’s because we only live a limited time on this planet earth when compared to the existence of the universe. 
So let’s reduce the number of the enemies and haters. Then you can pose for a selfie with them, without the fear of back stabbing.

But if you really want this to work,first of all your feeling has to be genuine.  Ok from here on I’ll not use the word “evil”, to describe that cousin. That’s the first step. ;)

Here are some tips.

1.Give your cousin a little compliment.

You will meet her on Christmas day, Thanksgiving day or at a Birthday Party. Appreciate her new hair style/ his new shirt. This compliment may be a simple word. But the impact will be massive.
When they reply to your compliment, try to lengthen your conversation a little bit. If you run out of topics, ask about their college plans or recent vacations.
Don’t lengthen this too much.  As for starters 5-10 minutes is the recommended  duration or you both will get bored. This interaction has the sole purpose of letting them know that you can talk and you like to be friend with them.. 
If they want to continue the conversation, they will come back to you.
See. It’s not that hard. :)

 2. A New Year Wish/A Birthday Wish

A simple text message also has a massive impact. Try this.
Tip:Find out their birthday from someone else. Search it in his/her facebook profile. On his/her birthday leave a beautiful message which worth reading twice.

3.Leave a comment on their recent Facebook Profile pic.

Everyone likes to be admired. Sure. Your evil "not so friendly" cousin too.

4.Invite him/her to your house.

Invite him/her to your house with bunch of cousins and hangout. Celebrate the 4th of July, A movie marathon, anything active. 
Tip: when you are playing board games, team up with "that" cousin.
This is a big step. If she/he accepts your invitation... well congrats!
 You will be exchanging recipes, chatting and knitting while sitting on arm chairs when you are old. 
Anyway that means you are almost friends, they are ready to forget whatever grudges they were holding against you. :)

5.Ask their opinion on something.

This can make them think that they hold a important part. This doesn't need to be a life and death situation, a simple yes/no question or ask about how they think about your choice to wear that fishtail dress to your friend's wedding. Remember ; thank them later and tell them how helpful it was. Send a text message. 

movie: Mean Girls

5.Try this whole theory.

This is the biggest step.
Ask them to lend you something. This is the best move to test where our effort went. This something can be their precious charcoal suit, A chemistry notebook or that pretty cocktail dress. 

If they consider you as a friend or the best, as family, they will lend your whatever you are asking without any second thoughts. 

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