Saturday, October 31, 2015

Living with Everything Vs. Living with Nothing

If I say there is no such thing as "Living with everything vs. living with nothing" ; will you believe me? 
Have you ever compared yourself with someone else.? Worried about the things you haven't accomplished.? or simply,  have you ever wished that you were someone else.? Then this post is for you.

Few years ago; I used to compare myself with princess Mia.
 A girl who has everything + in line for the throne of Genovia.
(Mia is a princess in The princess diaries movie based on the novel by Meg Cabot)

Later I realised , Life is not about some are living with everything vs. Some are living with nothing.

Life is a quest. A quest with a reward.

This quest depends on attitudes.Reward is, achieving our ultimate goals, reaching success.  

Obviously everyone expects to be successful. But that word isn’t enough.  You have to define “success”. Each definition is unique. Some define fame as success, some define material gain as success....
But your unique definition is the key. That’s where your life is going to lead you. Every sentence in your definition has to be your sub goal.
That’s the importance of that definition. Never ignore it.

 Our troublesome situations sharpen us. That is life.
 Our quest is to Find solutions and deal with the situations ; embrace the indifferences change the destinations.

I remember one X-Files episode (s07e21).

Mulder found a jinnī (or "genie").
He was granted three wishes. His first wish was “peace on earth”.
Clever genie wiped every human being from earth except for the genie and Mulder.
So his second wish was to undo his first wish.

Then comes the wise talk. It is the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen  in a TV show; Just read the conversation below and decide by yourself.

"Mulder: the trick is to be specific,to make the wish perfect.
 That way everyone is gonna benefit. It's gonna be a safer world,a happier world.
There's gonna be food for everyone,freedom for everyone,
the end of tyranny of the powerful over the weak.....
mmm Am I leaving anything out.?
Scully : mh. It sounds wonderful.
Mulder : Then what’s the problem?
Scully: Maybe it's the whole point... of our lives here, Mulder, to achieve that.
I mean, maybe it's a process...”

That  is something to think about. Achieving our lives.

Enjoying it is for what it is instead of worrying about what it isn’t.
There is a meaning for every existence on earth. You just have to figure it out.

Start by observing your passions. Then assess your passions and your sub goals. They have to be compatible and reachable.
The start is always rough, but never lose faith on yourself.
Just spread your passion to the world. 
Trust me. The world awaits.!!