Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Very few tips for a Very good morning..!!

"Smile... The worst is yet to come..." Mikky Ekko sings. 
There are few tips to wake up every morning as a brand new version of you.. 
Yeah .. yeah everybody say so, you might think.
 But believe me for a second ,these tips will be an absolute success. 

1. Wake up for the first ring of your alarm..
We all are greedy sleepers, but trust me. You will not feel sleepy if you wake up for the first call. The longer you stay under your duvet, the stronger you feel the need for a little long sleep.

2.Open the windows.. Stretch.. At least open the drapes..
This may seem a immature step, but when you change your environment you may feel the difference between yesterday and today. As you start the day, yesterday mess will flood to you. Turn away. Who cares. Yesterday is history. Say this to yourself. your mood will change involuntarily .

3. Inhale deeply.. Return to your morning routine..
Now you can continue the day in your manner except for the worrying part. As we agreed earlier you will never worry about yesterday from now on. If it matters for some reason, we will find the solution then. not a minute earlier or not a minute later. Worrying is poison for a better day.

More tips:
  • Pet your puppy/kitty.
  • Sing a song aloud.
  • Ditch your coffee. Try a glass of water with a drop of lime.
  • A morning walk. (click here to see my flowers I captured during my morning walk)
  • Little exercise is always good. Try some jogging.

Good luck to you to stay positive throughout the day.. 
Good bye until next post


  1. love the open window... although i do love my coffee =) hello.. just blog hopping by

    1. Hello.. XD Thanks for stopping by.. As for me, I prefer green tea to coffee.. :)