Friday, October 30, 2015

Why are we so drawn to supernatural phenomenons?

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.It's the source of all true art and science." Albert Einstein

A beautiful fairytale always has a wicked witch . A haggard old woman with a pointed hat, a black cat and a broomstick.

Folklore carries stories about blood sucking creatures, humans who turn into wolves under full moon, ghosts and spirits hovering in graveyards: etc.

We all familiar with this notion because when we were kids, we were taught these stories. That's how we know that a candy house is not always that delicious. It's trick to lure us in.
Ironically these stories drew a picture of good and evil of the society in a manner children can understand.

Later Hollywood and the modern literature dressed this phenomenons into something else other than good & evil. That is fantasy.
How can we resist it.?  So we started to love it. Yeah both you and me.

Can we use this obsession to boost ourselves? Well may be.

In these fantasies the supernatural creatures have everything that a human can immagine.An immortal life, never aging, never getting ill, some have a super speed, super strength, some are capable of reading thoughts, seeing other people's minds. They look like holding future in hand to us. 
You might think it’s an advantage to have an immortal life. So you can complete your mile long list of dreams, travel around the globe and stay pretty forever without getting ill.


But have you ever think about this universal theory.?; 
They carry an awful lot of problems in their immortal life because everyone else is mortal. 
I didn’t think of it either, not until now. 
Other than the fact that the screenwriters create the supernatural problems, there is a considerable amount of related complications comes from an immortal life. How will you live in a one place, engage in a single job, use the same name for centuries. Simply how is the life possible in that way.?


We as mortals are able to do everything immortals can’t.

It’s about:
         >Coping; coping the situations.
         >Joy; feeling joy embedded in every passing moment. (oh! don't frown)
         >Moderation; to moderating our lives into the dream model of ourselves.
         >Immunity; moving on bearing heartbreaks and disappointments.

Actually you are capable of achieving your dreams within your normal, mortal life. If you have that long list, make a time frame. Keep in mind not to clash two dreams. Because even so called supernaturals can’t be at two places at once.
*In future posts I’ll discuss more about this “time frame”.

But in the meantime keep an open mind about paranormal phenomena. I’m not telling you to let go. I’m telling you not to hang on.

Don’t hang on; because that’s how people who visited Mystic Falls looking for ghosts were slaughtered by the heretics. (TVD)

Don’t let go; because..............
I don’t know MAY BE because  I’m a fan of Fox Mulder. ;)

The X-Files

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