Thursday, October 22, 2015

Your Life.. Your Choice.. [ How to choose your high school/college subjects]

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt

This simply means that you have to grab the steering wheel of your life. How to do that.?


Anything is possible..
First you have to think few years ahead. Where will you stand.? Who will surround you.?  A selfie with a Time Machine and Neanderthals or A nobel Prize with fellow colleagues.? Trust me you can imagine anything because anything is possible.
TVD Graduation

Spend a little time and think who you want to become. A chemist, a mathematician,  an engineer, a doctor, a composer, a musician... anyone. If you don't have a clear picture, just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Try   The O*Net Interest Profiler      to get a picture where your future career headed according to your likes and dislikes.
It contains a sequence of questions and gives career examples. 

Then you have to find someone who is currently engaged in your future dreams. Just for a little talk. They don't have to be your friends  or relatives. It's ok to talk with totally strangers if they are ok with that . 

But remember everyone will not be honest with you. some will say being an Aviation engineer is so awesome even though they are working so hard to get out from it. It's ok just talk. Talk ..

Ask them
  • How they feel about being an engineer.?
  • Are they cool with it by then.? how about now.?

Then let's ask some more,  

  • Do you play/like baseball.?
  • Did you watch the latest movie.?
  • Were you travelling recently.?

The second set of questions are to get closer to their situation and to check about their free time and the way they think about their life outside work.

Ask anything. Be creative. It's your life.

There's a story worth remembering.
"Scientists build the world
Economists run the world
Artists make the world.."

Actually it really means that every human being is important. So your dream is important, because you are important.

2.Final Decision

Now you have to make a final decision. From now on there will not be a turning back. You have to look forward now. So write down your final decision and hang it inside your closet. It will remind you every morning about your goal..!

3.Treat yourself.

You took a big decision. You deserve a pizza. So smile. You did a lot to make this decision. You will do everything and anything to protect and achieve your dream. Yes. You will.

4.Make an ultimate goal (optional)

When I informed my decision to my family and relatives, I heard lots of negative things. Most of them asked "why are you selecting that course/subject.?" I couldn't say anything. I just smiled. Then I figured out the importance of a bigger dream.
                      That's why you'll need a ultimate goal. not to brag only to keep you in your tracks. Never tell anybody about it.While others are trying to let you down, you can find comfort in your ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal has to be a big one. A huge one. like building a time machine, winning a nobel prize or developing a cure for cancers with zero side effects. yeah anything.!


Let's head down to the earth again. Now a little google about your course content, not to get stressed just to make a picture.

6.Continue to live your dream

Even people smile at your dreams, remember they can't smile at your success.

Good Luck to your future..!!


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