Sunday, November 29, 2015

3 Reasons Why you need to Unfollow people who give you Negative Energy..!

We come across many people in a daily basis, all of them have their own opinions. We respect everyone and their beliefs, that's what a civilized society expects from us.

 But on social media platforms like facebook; we see these overflowing opinions as posts stuck on our wall. Some posts, they share it for a trend, then it spreads like a wild fire.

These posts we see daily, carry different messages, opinions, views. 
Originally coming from someone else posted by some else to show their acceptance , appreciation or to inspire others.

We scroll down looking at these.

Some posts make us laugh, some make us sad, some make us angry & some even make us feel sorry for people who posted it.

I'm talking about all these negative posts which can affect our state of mind.. 

1.Everything root from it.
Energy comes from thoughts & our attitudes are also being molded by our thoughts.
That’s why is it necessary to "unfollow" the “wrong” which can poison your mind & also your soul.!
Negative energy is negative thoughts. It’s always good to help others but if you are going down with them there’s no good in that attempt.

2.The more your see it; the more you tend to believe.
We have our own beliefs, philosophies and our unique point of views.

You have to be open to “the truth”, to the discussion. But it shouldn’t come from manipulation.

For an example, 
there might be thousand friends in your facebook profile, and at least few of them will fall under the category I’m talking.
When someone posting posts on and on against your philosophies, why try to ruin your mind and thoughts, I suggest you to unfollow them. Not to unfriend, just don’t follow.

When they are posting political gestures like their life depending it or posting discriminating posts, dwelling on the lost love ..... 
some people do this constantly because it’s in their nature. 

If they are your close friends you can kindly ask and help  them to limit the posts and fix the matter whatever bothering them.

But if they aren’t your close friends or relatives, why bother? Simply unfollow them, believe me your life will get much more easier.....

3.When it stops everything gets better.
Yeah.! you will feel this.. 
That’s cool wind blows through your mind; that’s called relaxation...

A post or an article coming from irrational opinions doesn’t worth your time. Be open for the facts and the truth; that’s all that matters.


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