Wednesday, November 25, 2015

6 Steps to Become "an Expert".!

In simple terms, an expert is a person who does what he does in a successful manner. 
It means anyone can be an expert. 
The secret lies in the need to complete the work and devotions that a person makes to do it in the right way.

When we carefully evaluate lives of an experts we can see they resemble in a same manner.
What ordinary person lacks is the will, the determination, motivation, the belief and the proper self esteem.

The way a society defines a expert is different bit than this. They define the people who shines in a particular way than anyone else. Society defines an expert as an unique person.

But anyone can become an expert by their heart.

A person who believes she/he is an expert, feels the completeness within her/himself which can lead to meet the expert standards, a society requires.

So as I was saying before, it is all about doing right by your heart.

1.Believe in yourself.
It says, believe in yourself you are halfway there. It helps to take the grip and to boost the self esteem.

2.Do a little research.
Google it. Consult other experts. Getting ready is always appreciated. From this we can identify the difficulties, assume the solutions and prepare ourselves for the long run ahead.

3.Focus on the task not the outcome.
We chose this, because we had an idea about the outcome. weather it is a experience, award or appreciation, we just need our concentration on the task to avoid blunders.

4.Read Read Read.
Read anything you can get your hands on.! Every expert is a great reader.
This doesn't necessarily has to relate your field..

5.Be ready to accept the failures.
The road isn’t smooth and covered with rose petals as we wish it to be. There are lot’s of obstacles. We might fall, get injured or lose; but never give up. Even the outcome isn’t perfect just try to be happy about the experience.

6.Never stop.
Achieving the goal doesn’t mean you should stop. It means we should try a lot harder to beat our own line for expertise and set a new line .

I will tell a story about an expert.

There was a British lady sitting by the cafeteria window and writing a novel.  She has a Bachelor's Degree for French and Classics from the Exeter University.
 She wanted her book to be perfect. She wrote hundreds of pages. Severals publication companies rejected this children’s story. But she didn’t give up.. 

Now she is a world renown novelist. 

She is J.K Rowling. Our magical Queen, quite an expert.

Even though everyone believes she is an expert, she didn’t stop. 
She beat her own record by writing another book and another book until it completes the seven years at Hogwarts. A book series of seven books, all reached the tremendous success.

And this story of Jo contains all six components of being an expert. 
She is an expert, by herself and also according to the standards of the society....

It doesn’t matter weather you are expert in one field or many fields. 
Whatever you do you should be able to reach the success which your heart wishes.

So what are your thoughts on becoming an expert in the life.? 

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