Saturday, November 7, 2015

7 Reasons why you can count on yourself no matter what..

Most of the time we judge ourselves; we like to act as dependants. We try to rely on someone else to seek our happiness. You are your own survivor. You don't have to depend on anyone else.

Take a minute and think about the beautiful flowers around us, they don't care what the world says; their colour will be the same, their fragrance will be the same. They are independent.!

There are simple circumstances we don't see. They prove how much we can rely on ourselves to survive.!

1.You love yourself.

2.You appriciate you.

Remember you bought that pretty cocktail dress after sweeping 10 malls; Why? 
Because you love you and you appreciate the person in that dress.

3.You never let you down.

Remember the time you missed your 8 hour sleep; you overslept the next day to make it up to you. That’s because you once promised that you’d take a 8 hour sleep everyday & you had to make it up to you coz you don’t let you down.

Do this same with everything else, your missed promises and routines.

When everything seem to be collapsing hold on and promise yourself to get on your feet again.

4.You never lower your self esteem.

There are 7 billion people in the  world. You can let every one of their attitudes in to your head.

You frown your bath scale not you. Why? You no the scale is lying not you body.

5.You never feel sorry for you.

6.You believe in you.

You know Roentgen invented x-ray by accident
Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident. 

So you don’t worry about your little mistakes. Deep down you believe, someday it can turn into something incredible.

7. you always look after you.

You buy dark chocolate, low fat milk, low calorie snacks because you look after you physically; 
why not mentally?  keep negative thoughts far away from you.

You have these all qualities about yourself, yet you let your negative ideas to overwhelm you. 
Is it fair? No it is not. 
Try to give yourself some credit. 
Even Though you don’t visit the gym everyday believe that you will start that routine soon; you will feel the need within you.
This is same with everything.
every minute you moping; try a little smiling. See how everything changes.!


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