Friday, November 27, 2015

A Book is an Invesment.!

There are hundreds of books I own and I’m grateful for each one of them; whether it’s a novel or a subject related book, those books contain something precious..I love the company of the books which I treasure.

A book is a way another person see at a particular matter..

There are 3 books I really love to talk about.! 

Among a pile of novels, There’s a remarkable book; that is Mother by Maxim Gorky.
My dad gave me this book when I was 14, that’s the first time I read it. I felt sorry for Pavel, for the efforts he went through to make a better future.

Then I read this book again at 16; during a vacation & I felt so deeply for Pavel’s mother, her motherly love, how she spreads her generous love among every proletariat. How she carried those suffocating troubles and pain in order to help her sons and daughters to pursuit the revolution for a better future.

At 19 I wanted read this book again as I saw it staying at the top of my book shelf. So I read it again. I realised everything Gorky wanted to say about the society. Mother signifies the society we live in; the injustice, the silent pain people face everyday and how a person look away in need of someone else. 
But there’s a one voice always, but finally silenced by the roar of injustice.

In this book there’s a quote; “Not even an ocean of blood can drown the truth.!”

Maxim Gorky; The prestigious Russian writer,  had his own style in writing that novel, that's why at a different stage of life; I felt it in 3 different ways..

Secondly, the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling; through series of 7 books, it conveys many messages. The friendship, the brotherhood, love, bravery, unity and why we should stick together. And why the truth matters.

Thirdly, You can draw in 30 days by Mark Kistler.

I wasn’t into arts. I was trying ; but failing and failing  when drawing something. As I was spending my pre-college vacation my dad told me to try that book.

It contains lessons for 30 days, with step by step instructions to draw.

So I tried this book. It was really good to build a firm foundation and confidence to draw something without trembling. Now when I fail at a drawing, it’s really an attempt and an experience which I feel happy about.

Henri Matisse once said, “ Creativity takes courage” & I say: Creativity comes from courage the courage to expect and accept the inevitable mistakes and failures.

The book now I’m holding in my hand is My Family and Other Animals, first book from Gerald Durrell’s trilogy about his childhood as a nature lover. 
Gerald Durrell is a naturalist and the founder of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Jersey Zoo (Durrell Wildlife Park). 
I haven’t read this book yet. But the title itself sounds sooo good...

=) So what are the Investments you treasure that comes into your mind  .?


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