Friday, November 13, 2015

A good Book & a perfect cup of Coffee..!

There is no better combination than this. Books always beat the movies.

Books are slow, they build the plot, 
slowly arrives the conflict and resolves it in a mind blowing way. 
Books make us imagine our own version of that particular world , our own heroes ; it’s live: more than anything it’s always there inside our head whenever we want to visit.!

We all started from fairy tales and down the lane we met fictions, non fictions, biographies, science fictions and all sorts of books.

My favourites are the fictions. 
The fictional worlds are always beautiful. 
It may be Hogwarts, Narnia or a whole new part of our current world. We always find ourselves living in it; reliving.

Just like that, J.K Rowling build a powerful magical world: She started publishing the book series in 1999. Some of her fans are now in their late 20s. But still waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter. I also find myself in somewhere in this long waiting line.! That's the wonder of fictional worlds.

My ideal day off is always cuddling with a Harry Potter book. Unless it’s a long vacation I don’t dare to start reading a new book because I can’t help myself when I get addicted; I just want to finish the book and also at the same time I don’t want to finish it.

I know it’s a conflict we’ve all been through.!

 Writers are gifted; readers are blissed
They pass down their imaginations to the readers. 
Most of the eager young readers have a pace in their life where they want to become a prestige author. 
And there are some who like me; stuck in the middle of writing their first novel.! [hope I can finish this atleast in 20 years ;) ]

Enjoy your holidays with a Good Book & a cup of Coffee..!!


[photo credit: all i need via photopin (license)

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