Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Plausible Vampire Logic..!?

Vampires ? Can they be scientifically proven.?

Ok I agree.

But can they be scientifically explainable.?
Again No.?
Oh don’t give me a solid no.

I think they can be scientifically explainable. Their physiology and their activities. Just hear me out.

After watching number of TV Shows and movies with vampires, I couldn’t resist the fact that at least these are scientifically explainable, let alone proven.
Yeah I’m accepting it. Just like everyone else I’m a fan of this whole Hollywood supernatural phenomenon. So I’m not ready to dump it. yet.!

Well ; Here’s a list of abilities and skills vampires have.
 (which I came across..via books, movies and TV shows; obviously)

1. Superfast.
2. Super strong ; (physically)
3. Main food source is (human) blood.
4. Fangs.
5. Heal fast.
6. Can heal others.
7.  Compulsion.
8. Getting into other people’s head.
9. Some have special abilities. (twilight)
10. They eat normal food.
11. They burn in the sun
12. Skin shines. (twilight)
13. Heightened emotions
14. Low body temperature (twilight)
15. Enhanced sensors
16. Immortal                               

[except for the twilight characteristics, others are from The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and other common myths.)

Ok so far there are 16 characteristics/skills. Let's see whether we can give them an explanation.!

We consider vampires as dead humans, from the moment they become vampires, their metabolisms have stopped. These metabolism includes producing new cells and doing anything new. But their normal physiology remains same. That’s why they breath, digest and desecrate.

 Even their bodies don’t produce a single new cell, including blood cells as a dead human. Let say it's a stem cell arrest.
In order to keep the body alive and active, they need their bodies to function . A normal blood flow is a must. Because their bodies produce no new blood cells, they have to consume blood from an outer source, another human being. That’s why their main food source is blood.

Their fangs. It’s simply Lamarck's theory of evolution. In order to exsanguinate blood, through generations they developed this morphology.

Considering the amount of blood they carry in their blood vessels, I believe they have a higher white blood cell count and as they consume blood from different people they have antibodies against almost every disease. That’s why they never get sick.

When they are injured; let’s say an open wound, there is a high platelet count and lots of fibrinogen  in their bloodstream that can help for a speedy recovery.

No new metabolism means, their liver doesn’t act as a heat generator or there are no other homeostatic functions. So their body temperature is relatively low.

Their bodies doesn’t produce new cells so they also don’t produce melanin. That’s why they burn to ashes in an open sun. It’s like a heavy, fatal sunburn.

The reason they shine as Edward does may be the same reason.

Compulsion can be considered as a method of hypnosis. So let’s say when they become a vampire they get that gene to make them skilled at hypnosis sessions. Getting into other people’s head is also considered as a method of hypnosis.

As I said before they have a massive amount of red blood cells, which can carry a massive amount of oxygen, to the cells where it needed, like striated muscle. Striated muscle contains many mitochondria (in ordinary humans) to supply ATP for the energy used in muscular contraction. They have high oxygen concentration high ATP rate, so they are super fast and they have a super strength.

In twilight saga each vampire has a unique ability like foreseeing the future, controlling minds etc. In this world we say every person is skilled at something. So maybe their vampire gene can accelerate whatever they were skilled as humans. (This fact has vaguely described in the Stephenie Meyer's twilight)
They are immortal, because their biological clock has been stopped by that particular vampire gene.
That particular vampire gene.
It’s acceptable that outside factors can change the DNA structure of a human being. Long exposure to X-Rays can lead to cancers, which happens because of this reason. Some chemicals do this same thing by inducing mutations in the genome.
In these stories, they say when an ordinary person dies with vampire blood in their blood stream, they transit into a vampire. We can say that the vampire blood which were inside them prior to death act as such a factor and changes the function of normal somatic genes as their heart stops, they can revoke the heart again.. and that gene has to send a special pulse to the brain to restart it. That may be the reason they have a heightened emotions and enhanced sensors.

(None of the above are scientifically proven, they are all logical and fun explanations.)

Have I missed any vamp characteristics.?

Do you have any thoughts on this? whole article is open for a discussion.... =)



  1. Anything is possible in this world.There are so many hidden mysteries with no scientific explanations.People believed that earth is not a round object few thousands of years ago.So,yes.Maybe there are vampires out there...

    1. Yeah; that's a good point.! I totally agree....!!