Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are you planning for a vacation? Don’t try to make a photo album. Try to make memories.!

Holidays are around the corner. Are you planning to go on a vacation.? 

What are the things you worry most, on the way to your destination?

"Did I bring the camera? The phone? extra batteries? The chargers? The Power adapters?"

Does it really worth it? You made every devotion in your busy life  to make this vacation a reality.
So now are you trying to imprison yourself in a convex lens ?

Are you trying to fill a 21x21.5 mm sd card instead of a memory to carry with you the rest of your life?

For what it is worth take few pictures to prove yourself that you are on a vacation. 
But 100 selfies?? Well.. think about it please.

You are in a new location. Every second of the every minute has something to enjoy. 
The rays of the  sun,  the blows of the wind, the sound of the nature is different here.
Teach your children to feel this or tune yourself ;one day you are gonna have to teach this to a younger generation.

Feel this with your soul. With every sense.

When you tune yourself ; even  your photographs will be different. 
You will be able to catch the perfect vibe at the perfect moment coz you are really enjoying it.

This concept is same with the family events also. 
Are you worrying about the number of photos you are going to capture on the Thanksgiving/Christmas.? Stop. Worry about the memories you are going to make. Talk with everyone at the party. Interact with everybody. Every memory is important.

When I browse through my childhood photographs, I’m proud to say that I can describe almost every event since I was 4/5  because I made memories; my mom & dad wanted me to make memories.

On my 5th b’day my dad took few photographs from his Mamiya MSX 500 camera.I can’t remember how many photos he took I only have 6 of them with me now. 

I still remember the moment I cut my b’day cake.
I blew the candles ,made a wish. Cut the cake.
 First piece; I gave it to my sis . I should've‘ve give the first one to mom and dad but I chose my sis. my pretty first cousin who were sitting across the table. I still remember the whispers of the others who were there. Some said “ Look how much she loves her sister..!” 

Well even that was love or some other reason I chose her for the piece of cake. I will always love her and without a second a thought I will choose her first as I chose her then.
Yesterday was her Birthday.! Happy Birthday sis.!

That's a memory I cherish till this day. 

Memories are powerful
So collect many memories  you can. Memories & quality photographs are the best combination. 

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