Thursday, November 26, 2015

Best Cook in my Family.!

Best cook in the family
This title is difficult to decide.

Apart from daily meals my mom is well known for her sweets. 
Those recipes were from her mother, my maternal grandmother. 
During festive seasons, they got together made those candies, authentic sweets. 
They were perfect. 
My maternal grandmother's talents always came in handy in the kitchen.
But unfortunate for us, our cooking standards never passed her grading level.
2years ago, my grandmother passed away, taking all her untold (if there were any)  recipes with her.

And my dad has a special dish too. His fish curry. Anyone within the 2 mile radius can guess when dad cooks that.
He uses all the spices to make it tasty and it also gives a perfect smell. I don't know where did he learn to cook, but his cooking is really really good.!

I'm the next cook . I never had regular cuisine lessons. ( I sort of don't like top to bottom lessons.
It just me and a recipe I randomly picked. 
My mom would say try a regular recipe and my dad would say cook anything but don’t make us hospitalised and I would end up preparing that particular recipe at least adding one ingredient that wasn’t mentioned. 
Most of the time final outcome is pleasing, but there are times I had to agree well that wasn’t what I wanted it to be.!

Just like my poor biscuit pudding I made few months ago. I had to freeze it. But nobody wanted to taste it.
My Oven is out of order these days, so I can only try no baking recipes.

Despite the difficulties and messed up dishes; I love cooking....

In my goal list; “try a new recipe at least once a week” is a goal which I look forward to achieve; ASAP.

So who is the best cook in your family.? Do you have fun memories about cooking.?



  1. Your dad is an all-rounder!!! computers plus cooking!!!

    1. haha.. XD thankuuu...
      I'll pass the compliment to him... :)