Friday, November 20, 2015

By the end of this year.!

If I would desperately hope for something to happen by the end of this year, that is ; my university academic year to start.

I don’t miss either books or lecture halls.

I miss people, lots and lots of  people. I like to look at them, observe them and listen to them. People are the main proportion of a society. Each one of them has a story. 
They represent their story by the choices they make.

That hot pink t-shirt ,wow, that 5 inch high heels they are the choices what I like to see.

Window-shopping also one of my entertaining hobbies which I miss now a days, staying at home. 

I used to do this with my school buddies. 
We chose the best shoes, best dresses, best cars while travelling in a bus. This made other people wonder whether we are crazy or going crazy. But still I loved it and really miss those days.

And I really miss my high school buddies. Among those, one is annoying as hell. one is always complaining about everything.! Yet I miss those silly nuts.   
One day there was a heavy rain outside our classroom. 
It was too heavy and our teacher had to scream to make his voice louder than the rain.
My right hand buddy got an itching in the eye, so she had to leave the classroom and I went with her.

As soon as we stepped outside, the rain ceased. 
But at the moment we enter the classroom it started rain again. 

So our kind teacher screamed and asked, 
“Can you two girls step outside again, please! Coz when you weren’t here rain really stopped”.

 And my friend replied, 
“ Ok sir. I agree , I think we should leave now”

whole class including me astonished by that reply.
So like that we had to leave again. 
Not because teacher asked, but my friend got an itchy eye again. 
That’s how wonderful my buddies are.


And there’s another story ;

that is to say how wonderful one of my high school teachers was. 
We planned to paint the classroom and clean it as a group project. We’ve been planning it for a year. But no one was going to do anything. 
When I was appointed as the class monitress along with 3 more girls, I insisted that we should complete this project within our duty period. 
We picked a date, a holiday+a weekend and we completed the project. 

I wrote a 20pages project report and passed it around the class letting everyone to copy it down. 
That’s how we finished a year old project proposal within 5 daysAfter four months my duty as a monitress was over and do you know what my teacher told me: “ You are not a monitor material” that pierced my ears but not my heart as I knew what I did.

So I learned a lesson, “ If you want to hear an applause, you have to announce your work, but as long as you are doing right by your heart neither applause nor a slap can shatter you.!”

Through everything I really miss my school days, there were lots of good things to cover all the heart breaks.

By the end of this year I want to visit my Alma Mater once again as a university student. 
That’s why I want it to start soon.!

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  1. haha of course we did that in school bus,never thought you'd mention it in your BLOG!!!