Saturday, November 14, 2015

Can’t we actually love each other.?

Love comes from respect; Respect comes from understanding.
So understanding is the key; understanding each other and respecting their views.!

Paris; one of the picturesque cities in the world, which had a tragic encounter recently. We all worried and expressed our condolences in our own ways, but we really have to address the matter.

I hate to discuss politics as it's a bottomless pit. But this isn't about politics. This is about humanity; love towards mankind. No one can turn their back to it.!

Here are my views,

The worst word in the vocabulary.

The second worst word in the vocabulary.

It’ always one homo sapiens killing another homo sapiens.
For what? Even they don’t know the exact reason.
Though under a influence or in their own irrational way, what they do cannot be justified.

It’s all about attitudes. 
If a one man can look at another person as another man , none of this will happen. 
But they see another man from their skin colour or their race/ religion. 
This has a root. 
Root may be the segregation they felt someday somewhere in the world which turned into a hatred and ran through generations.!

But this never ending hatred brings tragedy to the innocent.

We saw this through Aylan Kurdi. The little boy who struggled until his last breath and who probably never had a calm peaceful sleep until his last sleep.

The Mediterranean sea brought something else to the shore that day other than that little boy; that’s a reminder of epic humanity of the world.

Will there ever be peace on earth.? Or is it really necessary to wipe out every living breathing human being from the surface of earth to see a piece of peace on earth.

Freedom doesn’t mean white pigeons; Freedom means every one having the same opportunity to live the life they wish.!

photo credit: Paris #12 via photopin (license)

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