Sunday, November 1, 2015

Commitment is the basement of your blissful love.! Know when to do the right commitment.!!

Do you remember the first day you went on a date with your significant other? Can you even vaguely guess the amount of time you spent in front your mirror. That was your first commitment. Through the time, now you stand where you are in your relationship.
At some challenging times, commitments may hit the core of of your blissful relationship. But you have to take an action before it shatters the foundation .!

Know when to do the right commitment.
Change of location can be such a challenging situation.

Here is a 5 Step procedure about your commitment.

1.Understand his/her Passions. 

Listen from the heart not only your ears. Notice the moment when her eyes glow. Those are the moments she is talking about her passions. Girls; do the same for him too.

2.Priorities.  not only her/him but also her/his passion

If she wants move to New York from DC for her college, 
What will you do? Will you stop her? Will you encourage her? That’s the priority.
She has a dream. She has a passion.

On the other hand, If he wants to move to Germany for his graduate college , what will you do.?

3. Wait. There is a third option look for it.

Terminating the relationship is not the sole option in serious commitment issues.
 There is always a third option. Compromise.

These issues usually occur with the complications related to moving into a new place/ leaving country etc.

There is a simple option; go with your love
If that option isn’t available; try a long distance relationship.!
My bff says long distance sucks. But I think they are romantic.

Await for My view about the romance in long distance relationship and how to make it work.

4.Think twice before you say these words.

There is a time for a commitment and also there is a time for a compromise. 
Unless you understand this you will say  “ Can’t you at least do this (stay)  for me?” or “can’t you change the plan?”  This can make the hearts ache and the most delicate hearts break.

Do you know, before he says that he has to move,  he has thought about this through and through; he has thought about the complications; and also about your situation

If you are going to ask him to stay or to change the plans, think  about it again. And again. (highly recommended)

Gentlemen; this is same for her too. she never wants to leave you. So don't be jumpy. just think & talk.

Maybe you can come up with a brilliant idea; a perfect one, to benefit you both without crushing both of your dreams. So think about it.

5.Take a step back. Commitment is prioritising the other one's passion.

After everything don’t forget that you love him/her. Just read the fifth step with an open mind.

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