Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Coolest job in My World.!

This is my first time in NaBloPoMo ; I thought that I will start from the prompt for 3rd of Nov.
Coolest job in the world.

The first idea of coolest job in the world came to me when I was seven.
 I was browsing through a pile of children’s magazines. I remember that day because it gave such a spark.

Every magazine got a story about a scientist.They were in black and white photos. Most of them were  fairly old or dead. I thought at first may be scientist is a post given to a doctor when he discovered something or died after a great work. 
By that time I thought doctors are the coolest. They wear a white coat, had a stethoscope around their neck. Etc.

So I ran to my dad, who always has an answer for my how? Why? What? questions
He told me scientists are the people who pursue science. 
I asked him how do I become one. 
He told me you have to work hard, study hard.
 That was the end of that conversation.

Marie Curie

In my world I had something to think about. 
The coolest became the scientists.
 I really knew they are the greatest.  
Everyone talk about them, 
students study about them.
If you work really hard ; I mean really really hard, you get a chance to walk down the red carpet of the science world; the Nobel Prize.

The first woman I saw in my pile of magazines was madame Curie
Fixed eyes,  curl hair ; a woman who gave her life in the name of science, winning two Nobel Prizes in two different science fields. 
She instantly became my hero
Still she is my hero and she was is the coolest person on earth for me. 
One can only imagine her great role in the science world. 

Poland and France declared 2011 the Year of Marie Curie, and the United Nations declared 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. A google doodle is on for her birthday on November 7th. Warsaw and Lublin, Poland has Statues of her. 
Periodic table holds an element named after her. Several institutes bear her name and she is the first Nobel laureate who won two prizes in two sciences.

What else can be cooler than this?

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