Wednesday, November 4, 2015

“Dream Big..!” They told me.

NaBloPoMo Nov.4 Prompt :

If you asked my kid version whether I wanted to be like my dad, I’d probably say "Yeah of course."

My dad is a know it all kind of person. So as a kid I always wondered how did he become such a genius. I wanted to know everything about everything like him.

My Dad

One day he told me the secret. He reads; reads a lot. 
That’s how he knows everything. He is an electronic technician by profession. But he knows more than his realm. That’s why he is my touchstone.
 He is a perfect critic. My pencil drawings and photography is where his reviews always become helpful.

"Fancy some resistor lunch.?"

But for the profession I never wanted to pursue electronics. As a kid I cooked resistors and capacitors for my Barbie doll’s lunch.
 I know how to tell the value of a resistor by it’s color code, I can troubleshoot my own computer. 
That’s all I want from electronic.

On the other hand my mom is perfect for everything household. She can sew baby rompers to duchess's wedding dress. She cooks royal dishes. I can only imagine that I could be talented like her.

But I didn’t want that either as a profession.

As every other parent, My parents wanted me to dream big and work my own way towards it.

I have my own dreams. Big dreams; huge ones.!