Monday, November 9, 2015

First thing in the morning.!

NaBloPoMo nov.9 prompt: first thing in the morning.!

 When I was in middle school, I would sleep again; at the dining table as  a routine.

But in high school I wanted wake up in the morning. 
I was drawn to the serenity of the dawn. Everything in silurian blue.!

Now I don’t have a fix routine for my mornings as I’m not a morning person.! 
Hitting the snooze button activates my sneezing.!

At the end of my high school I developed certain allergy reactions. 
Now I’m suffering from allergies. The worst word in my vocabulary.
 So now a days first thing in the morning for me is sneezing. 
My pile of tissues at my bedside kiss me a good morning almost everyday. Believe me that is not romantic.!

I read in an article, that the word allergy didn’t exist until 1920s. 
On my worst days; despite the Napoleonic wars,  I want to go to the 1800s  so badly.

In Vintage clothing a handkerchief is like a fashion choice, my handkerchief is a part of my dress code. 
An empty tissue box is a nightmare for me.!

The downside of a cold morning is so bad. 
The runny nose, sneezing and congestion is a nuisance. 
I was a fan of Sherlock Holmes books; but now I know I could never become either a Sherlock Holmes or a Watson. A detective cannot sneeze in the middle of a secret investigation.!

I’m allergic to attics, basements and also my own closet; all claustrophobic places where dust can hide.! 
I’m like a walking dust checker.! (if there's no such thing; voila.! here I am)
The cold breeze,  perfumes, unfamiliar smells.... give me a runny nose and a nasal congestion.!

Nasal decongestants and antihistamines are my best friends; though sometimes they seem no help to me, I still have to rely on them.! 

My buddies.!

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