Monday, November 30, 2015

How I learnt a Failure is an Accomplishment.

We all have our goals; short term ,long term, beyond expectations, etc.
Everyday we involve in  tasks, each task leads to a particular goal. By the end of the day we achieve something after tiring ourselves.

Sometimes we are uncertain of whether it deserves a celebration or not. 
Every achievement is worth celebrating, not each one of them need occasions but at least a self-admiration; a compliment to that confused image staring at us from the mirror.

We start a task with a faith. We carry it on believing the last product will be as we expected. Sometimes this final product might feel like a disaster.

That means every task doesn’t end well. But for the ones that reach a success, those deserve that compliment. It will give the strength to get up at hard times when we know that we did it because we can do it.

Not by luck, by effort.

Not by some invisible force, but by working hard .

I normally don’t like to believe in failings.
Some failures are relative
Exams are like that. While you believe you accomplished something; there is another lot to criticise it. 
I had my fair share of this experience in my life. 
That’s the moment I learnt to like the feeling; that a failure is an accomplishment.

Making a decision is an accomplishment but not sticking with that decision is a failure.. 
I’ve failed at this many times. but I don't want you to do the same mistake. Try to stick with your decisions, but be vulnerable for the circumstances. 

Failures can lead to disappointments, if you believe it as a set back.
And that’s why accomplishments need its compliment...

Next time be sure to thank yourself for being successful and achieving what you were chasing..

Despite these circumstances one of my missions is accomplished. 
Now I’m celebrating a 1 month for my blog with 38 posts. I’d like to give  a high five to the confused figure staring at me from the mirror.

And If I reach my weight goal by the end of next month; I will eat 100 chips, big piece of chocolate cake and a large pizza just to celebrate. (no way near this.)

In January there will be a big mission too........... (fingers crossed)

So Did you accomplish your goals for 2015.?