Sunday, November 8, 2015

How much is Too much?

With our growing income, our needs naturally grow, the commercials want us to consume their products. 
These commercials point out our imperfections and plant them inside our minds. 
So despite the fact about everyone’s imperfections, we buy these products.

So how we define too much?

As I would define it, anything not important for our living is too much. Except for our daily consumption of oxygen, water and essential food & clothes everything else is too much.!

We can’t prevent our shopping lists getting longer as we live a complex lifestyle.
But having too many cocktail  dresses, too many shoes can not be acceptable.
Can you believe there are too many children starving in another part of the globe. So let's try to give a second thought when we buy something only nice to the eye.

While the supermarkets withdraw tons of bananas for not having the perfect angle or apples for not having the assigned colour; some families have to walk miles and miles to find some drinkable water.

So can we be a little sensitive.? 
It’s all about living a simple lifestyle.
 Consuming only the essentials, double checking our market shopping lists.

A simple lifestyle can help our budget and also our conscious. Our simple changes can affect globally.

Save your money which you are planning to spend on too much stuff. Try donating a (reliable) charitable organisation. The amount doesn’t matter. Devote to a cause you really care; nature, child institutionalism, poverty, inequality. There are lots of actions in the world which need a hand. You are a voice.!

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