Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm the Queen of daydreaming.!

Who appointed me as the queen of daydreaming.!, you might ask
Who else, I did. Because it was an imagination.

It’s a method to pass time in a boring class or a method to load a dream for a REM sleep. In either way, every daydream, every imagination is a fantasy.

When I’m sitting in a boring class, I would think about the lessons in Hogwarts. How fun a lesson of flying on a broomstick than a lesson about gravitational forces. Collecting blast-ended skrewts in Hagrid’s garden than counting plasmolysed cells from a microscope.It’s always fun to think about a world that doesn’t exist when some chores in this world are too intimidating.

blast-ended skrewt (via Pottermore) 

All credits for my imagination skills go to my primary school friends
They knew I was into books and almost every morning they wanted a ghost story from me. Ghosts, poltergeist activities were not my taste by then, so I used a normal story + some ghost gibberish and saved the morning.!
Fox Mulder

Investigating crimes with Special Agent Fox Mulder, is fun too. I became an X- files fan when I was 8. Still we are investigating some mysteries of the universe. Because of "the x-files" I was sooo into extraterrestrials; but I’m not a supernatural believer like him, but I think we can deal with that.

And this imagination always become handy when a  movie/book meets a tragic ending. I’d rather create my own ending than moping about that unexpected ending.

Sirius Black
I couldn’t do this with Harry Potter books. I cried for like a week when that evil Bellatrix killed Sirius and when Fred,Lupin,Tonks died at the final battle.

I tried to make up for Sirius’s death by putting the blame on Kreacher , but then I realised Kreacher did it because of  the bad way Sirius treated him .! :(

So like that, my imagination didn’t help me at all.

But despite this, my imaginations help me to avoid irritating discussions with annoying people. 

I’d rather hike Pacific Crest Trail in my imagination than discussing politics with my short-sighted relatives.!

Discussing politics Vs. hiking PCT
That's why I'm grateful for my imaginations.!

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