Saturday, November 14, 2015

Leaving the School.!

It has been three years since I left my school. 
So As a tribute to my great Alma Mater; I thought of sharing this poem which I wrote three years ago.!

"I was a little girl, when you took me to your hand,
You cuddled me, secured me, gave everything I need,
Your smooth song was sung by the wind,
It released me from every trouble I faced,

Through eight years, till I get matured,
You looked after me.

You smiled when I was happy and..
worried when I was sad.

I know,
I'm only a chapter for you,
But you are a legend for me.
It's hard to leave you,
But it's my destiny......."

School is a legend for all of us. It is the place where we grew up, learnt how to stand up when we crushed down to the ground and now we are smiling as we survived everything.!

That's why we love our school even after so many years.!...

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