Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Big Project.. Time frame is a hurdle.!

This was exactly 3 years ago. I did this as my high school project.

 It was about improving awareness in wildlife conservation

The beginning was easier than I thought.
I wanted to talk about a specific area of wildlife; I selected the giant herbivorous animal: the elephant; discussing their current threats and suggesting conservation methods.

An Endangered species conservation is an interesting topic because I really wanted to devote to the topic.  
My time frame was 4 months long. Visiting the sites, consulting the experts. I wanted to do everything related to elephant except visiting them in their natural habitat.

You might wonder why; I was discussing about issues of tourists  who visit these natural habitats. How they disturb the originality of these animals. So I wanted to do my part by reducing my carbon footprint into their natural habitat.

The time frame was the hardest part for me.
 It took longer than my estimated time. The experts were always busy. 
The authorities are really hard to track down. After all I was getting ready for my final exams. 
So the 4 months time frame was a dream; this took fine 10 months to come to a success.

So here are the things I learnt from my project’s time frame blunder.

Things I learnt.
I           1.If you are planning to meet the authorities; it will probably take more time than you estimate.
I           2.  If you are planning crowd gatherings, lectures: hmm this is really something, worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Good luck from my behalf.

Preparation is the key for these discussions. Don’t even think about going without relevant data and figures, every news paper article you can get your hands on.!

3.I suggest you to keep an extra week for every month. Family emergencies, weather conditions... etc.
    Anything can happen tomorrow.! 

      4.Plan your travels. Make a plan for the places you want to visit. 
         This will save your time and money.!

5.Finalising : this takes at least a full week: for me it took more than a week.

6.Keep a record of events that happen within this time frame; 
 write down everything everyday, you can estimate your own progression, speed and the things you need to add.
       That’s how I realised my mistakes and things I should be more concerned.

After a hard work of  9/10 months my project report was ready.! There were about 150 pages. Conservation of Elephas maximus.!    
I wasn't 100% happy because I missed my time frame, but it gave me something to be more cautious about next time.!

Few Pages from my report.

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