Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Blog; My Passion.!

NaBloPoMo nov.11 Prompt.

My First blog.!

My blog is the last thing I built.
 I wanted to start writing, but until now it was only limited to the journals and notebooks.

My Blog is only few weeks old. But I’m happy & totally proud about it.
It’s a perfect hobby and a true companion.

I can write down everything I want and share it with world;with you!

My blog consists of my own experiences; some are first hand experiences.

I’m an undergraduate student and my academic year starts in 2016. Until then I’m on a vacation (sort of).
So these days I post daily. And most of the time I write , read or draw. 

My Vacation helped me to find out my own passions. My blog and my pencil drawings stand in the front line. 
For my pencil art break through; I really have to thank Mark Keister. That's the book which led me to draw. :)
During this time I read number of books and now I’m reading Healthy Brain Happy life by Dr.Wendy Suzuki. It’s great book about brain and life. It explains life in a neuroscientific point of view.

Self improvement, personal development and enjoying the life are main themes of Today is a Better Day. 
Most of people tend to worry about almost everything and I’d like to show them the beauty of living and feeling the life.....

Few pages from my sketchbook  ->                   [ honestly; I'm not bragging.! =) ]

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