Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Technology Low Battery..!

Do you remember that day you were at a party and your battery died in the middle of a selfie hunt.?
What were your immediate thoughts? 
"fun died with it?, party was over too? I should write a feedback letter to this  phone company.?"
Whatever it was I’m sure you felt like urgh new technology but low battery!

For us sunrises and sunsets from the phone.

These days a young couple can’t survive a single day in their relationship without a mobile phone. 

They demand (ironically or may be literally) a compulsory greeting at least twice a day.

Our great great grand fathers also dated . didn’t they.? Otherwise you won’t be reading this post or I wouldn’t have written this either.

Yeah I know, I know. We are millenials/ y generation our lifestyle demands a phone. blah blah..

But how about learning to survive the day without depending on it.!

A little tip! Next time try to lessen the number of selfies at your party and see how this magic works.
First few days you will feel like a caveman but eventually you will learn to absorb the fun. Not to your phone, but to your soul.

Imagine a trip to a thick forest. Hopefully you’ll have gps right? 
Ok if you lost in the wild for a day will you survive.? Can you actually survive without your phone.?

Do you know how to find directions? (without the help of Siri)

The stars can help. Do you know that sunrises from east and if you face east your left hand will be at north.?
Incase you gonna have to spend the night , can you build a fire by your own,? Do you how to find dry wood to build a fire in a humid forest.?

 (trick is tree barks. One side of a tree bark is always dry, pine needles will also help you.!)

Can you find some wild berries? To avoid starving (be cautious about this!) ( I would rather starve than die from eating misidentified/ poisonous wild fruits.)

So what do you think. Shall we stop worrying about the increasing technology vs. Increasing battery dieing rate and worry about the real issue.?

What’s the real issue.? Our inability to absorb real fun from the real time situations.!
Take a little time and let's evaluate where each one of us stand on this issue.! because.. "Life consists only of moments, nothing more. So if you make the moments matter, It all matters." - Professor Ellen Langer

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photo credit: via photopin (license) ,  Campfire 2 via photopin (license) , Times Square through a tourist's phone via photopin (license)

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