Monday, November 16, 2015

Plz Can anyone build a Machine for Escapism.!

If I want one product to come to reality,                                                                       

that is a machine 
to make the world-s books create can come to a reality   
after entering the book to a machine and pressing a switch.

Then I can visit all those beautiful imaginary lands.
From Hogwarts to the center of the earth. From Narnia to Mystic Falls.!
How awesome that can be.!

It’s like a vacation at a fingertip.!

Even this product coming to a reality is so far from where we stand; even that idea is entertaining.
Whenever I need a advice, I can visit  those professionals.

I can learn at Hogwarts.! (yay.! Finally)
I can ask Hermione to help to repair my cracked phone display. 
I would ask Voldemort why is he being such a pain in the neck.!? 
(oopz this is not possible as you-know-who is no longer alive)

I can play with watch Cullen family playing baseball. I can visit Jurassic Park or Genovia whenever I want to.!

Middle earth, space anywhere.!

I even have a name for this machine: escape machine.
I think this state has a name: escapism

Fantasy worlds provide a comfort ; but dwelling on these ideas can be a waste of time.!
So until someone build such a machine, I'm going to stop thinking about the awesomeness of the idea. =) 


  1. Is there really no Harry Potter video game yet? Well, anyway, the machine is your brain as it runs the program called "Imagination" :)

    1. Yeah, There are Harry Potter games, and there is "Pottermore". but I don't like video games that much.. :)
      Currently I'm in possession of the machine that you were talking.! bt I'd like take it into a more advanced level.. XD