Thursday, November 12, 2015

That's all I want to do.!

Every morning in line for a marathon,                                   
Running for a living,
as a part of living.
Working and working
working for a paper,
A piece of paper with some figures in it. 
They call it a pay cheque,
most dreadful of all;
as our worlds builds on those.


If I could go,
just fly away & far away.

Living out in the open sun,
embracing the wonder of earth's spin.

Watch the sun rise over the Great Wall,
and see the sun set through Gothics in Rome.

Feel the bliss as wind blows,
and rain pours onto empty grounds,

If I could,
That's all I want to do.!
leaving everything else 
for someone else to do.!                                    -Naina Paris

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