Thursday, November 5, 2015

"There will be spring again.!"

NaBloPoMo Nov.5 Prompt

"Life is not always sweet,
Matters are the unwelcomed guests,
We share our joy, bottle our pain,
complain the world; say they forsake.

Keep the faith,
take the leap,
today is better.
keep going,
tomorrow will be the best. "

Prompt : Lessons.

My lesson is a quote
My dad taught me this. It’s like a memo I’d like to chant myself when everything seems to be going south.
It says,
" There will be winter,
There will be cold,
There will be snowstorms,
But there will be Spring AGAIN.!"

It’s a quote from a book ; The first teacher (Duishen) by an eminent Russian author Chingiz Aitmatov.

It has a deep meaning in it. 
On the day dad told me this; I asked him, "What does it suppose to mean.?"
He smiled and told me to figure it out by myself. I did.

Life is not always what we wants it to be. Things always don’t go in our way. But there will be a day; we will be smiling. We will look back and appreciate the way we handled those situations. 
But this doesn’t mean we should sit back and wait till the things get better. We have to go towards our goal. Work hard to accomplish the things we want. 
In winter If we don’t light the fireplace , we will probably freeze to death. So we have to light the fireplace without blaming the winter.

That quote simply means In our journey we have to accept our failures , heartbreaks and disappointments. At the end; when the goal is achieved, it will be a blooming spring for us.

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