Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Two Inspiring figures..!

Madame Curie and our beloved J.K Rowling
Why write pages and pages about them when google provides you each and every detail. 
I will simply tell you why I like them..... 

Both of them are experts in their respective fields. 
One is remarkable for her contribution to science and other one for her contribution to modern Literature.

An expert never stops at a success, they beat their own success and pursuit their course.

Marie Curie dedicated her whole life for science. She is a feminine icon. She discovered Polonium and radioactivity. She is the first woman who won a Nobel Prize and the first person who ever won two Nobel Prizes in two science fields. 
During the world war I , she developed mobile X-ray machines to help the wounded in the war front. Her expertise is proven by the awards won by her. She is an everlasting icon in the legend of science.

J.K Rowling  is well known for her remarkable book series, Harry Potter. 
Her imaginations are stunning. She welcomed us to her breathtaking magical world in 1997 and ever since we are living in that world; not wanting to leave it. 
She didn’t stop at a single book, she completed a series of seven books; each one reaching a maximum success. 
She is an active member of number of Charitable organisations and the founder of Lumos. Jo’s expertise reflects by the place she holds in hearts of millions of her fans.

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