Friday, December 18, 2015

5 Avenues to Redeem your Demons of the Past.!

We all have our own version of demons from the past. 
In our own way we’ve buried them in deep corners of our minds to move on with our lives.
These demons may have appeared in different forms; bad decisions, right decisions which were labeled as stupid by others, toxic people or surroundings.

Time to time these demons tend to peek through those deep corners and haunt our memories. This might happen through a single friendly reminding word with a hashtag by a loved one. The swarming memories are so powerful have the ability to break even a strong mind.

Power of Words
A simple flow of ballpoint ink is a remedy. 
Writing down everything that comes in to the mind is a way to let it out; to let out the depression and the frustration.
The feeling is like a weight drifting away...
Write write and write until the pain fades.

Ditch the hashtag #.
The act isn’t simple as it sounds. It needs assistance.
A kind reminder to close friends asking not to highlight certain chapters.
There’s a famous saying; “Few unpleasant chapters don’t mean your story is over.”
Well it is wise as it sounds.

A story can turn into a legend. It’s only a matter of few turns. The only thing to do is hold on.!

The Right Friend
There are different types of friends. Some are loaded with advices. 
The Right Friend is someone who is available for hear us out without being judgemental.

Wow.! I should say it’s the best distraction. A few fictional characters can make all the worries go away.

Professional Help
Saved the best for the last.
Nothing is worse than a breakdown.

Once we’ve moved on, but if it looks like hard to do it again, this is the best reliable option.


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  1. Great advice to help get through the tough times.