Monday, December 21, 2015

5 Words to a Teen from a 20-some ....

Life is like the ocean.. different phases, various natures... Beautiful and deep..

When turning 20, it made me look back at my own teen life.
I should’ve written this on my last day as a teenager, exactly 2 years ago. 
but I didn’t have a blog by then. Now I do and therefore I’m writing it now.

The most vibrant, beautiful, messy and willful 6 years. 13-19..
The time we will never get back. 

On your last day as a teenager don’t own anything to regret.!

Here are my 5 words to spend your teenage life......

Run with the wind. Dance with the rain.
Live the life. But;
Don’t become overly obsessed with anything...
Only do the things which you are ready to take the responsibility for.

Read a lot. The most dear teacher to the life is books.
A book is never a waste of time.. A book is an Investment.!

From Charles Dickens Great Expectation to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight; there’s always something.

After reading the book, criticise the writer,the story, the characters.
For a moment live in the story; evaluate the decisions of the characters.

You’ll see how selfish Heathcliff is. (He is selfish, he could’ve given a chance to Isabella to love him.)

And you’ll see how selfless Edward Cullen is and how shortsighted his love. (Yeah.! That’s true)

Maintain a balanced healthy diet..
Guilty eating , Shameful eating and stress eating ; keep those aside.
 at a party; leave all the calorie limits and diet plans in the closet and wear the hottest dress and eat everything.!

4. Love
Love everyone. Don’t limit your love.
Love every human being + every animal + the nature.
Share your big heart and vibrant soul with the whole planet earth.!

Prioritise your school.

Whatever your dream is don’t take a step back.! Don’t doubt yourself for a second.!

Do your best at school, it will reward you with a bonus...
Don’t miss a single school day....
Every day is important than yesterday.!

*Do you have any more words to add to this list.? I'm happy to have them here...

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