Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear December.....

End of another year 
Around the first couple of months I wanted this year to end soon. 
The time seem to crawl. But looking at the calendar;can’t even imagine how December arrived.

As in the movie Interstellar , time may be another dimension. 
If so scientists will find a way to shrink that dimension. How impractical the time travel may sound, it should be fascinating sit aside and watch how we fought in our lives.

The different decisions we made the destinations they led us.....

It ‘s a proof that their is no fixed destination, we can change the route anytime.

But the decisions we make have to be concrete. It should be a clear reflection of what we want from life.

During past few months I barely made a decision other than my meals & outfits.

But last year I made a decision, and vowed myself not to look back. 
That was the time I really wanted a time machine or a wormhole , just to go two years back in time.

That’s to make up for the two years setback of my university life. It’s a story for another post.

Hopefully this nightmare will pass as I step in to the university next year.

Dear December, I’m glad you are here with the seasonal spirit; but given the circumstances and considering the verge I’m on, I love January more....

So ....
how was your year.? Did 2015 treat you well.? =)

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