Monday, December 14, 2015

Finding the perfect balance between Ego & Superego.!

In psychology, the self fulfilling prophecy says that the way the society treats us is a reflection of how we treat the society and how we treat ourselves.

We should treat ourselves in the best manner we could because it will eventually fall upon us. The way we see us, the way we think about us and the self worth.

This doesn’t mean a wild superego. But a little worthy ego.

Superego has once described as a devil with no concern about others, while ego the angel tries to balance it.

According to Sigmund Freud the superego is accumulated to the surrounding, it grows according to our experiences and the interactions with the society.

In decision making and expressing ourselves superego can be helpful it gives us the dominant nature.

It’s about finding the perfect balance between superego and ego.

There was a friend of mine, she faced a little downfall in her high school. Despite the objections from her family and friends she chose a college far away from her home and her known environment, quite a big step away fromher comfort zone.

Almost everyone tried to talk her out of it. But she was sure about her decisions. Now it has been few years and she is doing well in her studies. She is quite determined and I personally hope she’d end up in the best place.

Well, staying concrete on her decision was her superego. It did serve her well. Didn’t it.?

Yet she didn’t storm out when others were talking to her. That’s the angel ego.

And altogether that was A Perfect Balance of Ego & Superego.

When we interact with the society sometimes our ego may become helpless in front of another one’s superego. That’s where our superego should come into action.

At such moments when Freud’s psyche theory pauses at this point, the self fulfilling prophecy kicks in.

If we trusted ourselves and trusted our own instincts we (ego) may not end up being helpless.

So it did reflect on us.

>Trust yourself

>Don’t take the fall

>Self Worth; Value yourself always.

Finding the balance needs a little work.

A reflection upon our past; a retrospective evaluation, reminding when and where we missed the ego/superego.

And then we can identify our next situation and the dosage of ego & superego.

Don’t forget sometimes(almost every time) superego wins.!

Well; I’m not promoting superego here. 
But I also can’t deny the fact that despite every effort and preparation someone else’s superego might win..

*So do you also have experiences about failed or succeeded ego/superego battles.?

If so, I’d like to hear about it too..


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