Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stepping out from the Comfort Zone.....

As anyone might argue, Comfort zone is called by that name because it's the zone which suits us. We feel free and vibrant.

We all reluctant to step out from our comfort zones. Mostly we are afraid of the outcome.
But keep in mind,  “The new zone that you are reluctant to step in , will eventually become your comfort zone.”
There is no permanent line dividing us from the terrifying zone and the comfort zone. As long as our hearts want it, we can step into the new zone any time.!

You can try these simple steps......

-Start small
Always start small. A little step to the new world.

For a couple of months, I didn’t want any human contact. Just home and my virtual world or reading and writing. I eventually started to chat with an old buddy and then another friend invited me to a group to chat with fellow colleagues. Now everyday I chat with my buddy and the group and now and then some new and old friends. It feels so comfortable for me now and I don’t want to leave my new zone.

-Evaluate the Progress.
When my friend Tesa entered the aesthetic world, she tried music, dancing and found her permanent home in arts.

Are you doing good. Then be grateful for the step you took.

-Don’t rush take your time.
Take time to explore the new zone.

I recently entered the art world and I don’t want to quit anytime soon.

-Are you happy about your new zone.? Expand it a little bit.
When we were crawling we eventually stood up and started walking, now we are running. 
Nature has given us the ability and strength to explore new worlds. 
While in a new zone, when our desire for exploration devour the trepidation that's our new territory.

“You’ll never know where your wings can reach until you expand them and fly..”- Naina Paris

                             2 Inspiring Figures..!

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