Saturday, December 12, 2015

Taking the middle way: Noble eightfold path for the daily life..

Middle way is the path to happiness. The pursuit of happiness begins with moderation. 
We can’t either be overly enthusiastic about what we have or sad about what we haven’t.

It’s all about satisfying with simple things and things we have while doing our best to live the life we expect.

This is the second post of a series of posts which I started a week ago. Click here to read the first post.

Even this eightfold path idea roots from a complex philosophy, we can simplify and adjust it for our daily life. 

1. Right Vision. Vision the future. A perfect version of the current version, helping everyone, making everybody happy. Leaving footprints not stains.

In Buddhism this right vision is about looking into the reason of real suffering and understanding it. The fondness leads to the pain.

2.Always bear the right,peaceful,happy thoughts. That will obviously bring positive energy. Wish him a good morning with all your heart don’t wish him to fall into the gutter while wishing it.

See positive thoughts positive energy.

3.Speak your heart out but don’t break someone else’s heart. Be rightful, be truthful because words reflect your soul.

4.Don’t hurt anyone. In our daily lives we meet hundreds of individuals , how many of them we leave with a broken heart, a broken promise or leave as a don’t care. As a day begins let’s try to make someone happy. After a year there will be 365 happy people because of you. 
Wonderful isn’t it.!

5.Engage in a rightful profession. Earn a living without burning anyone.

6.Try to do good deeds. Good thoughts good deeds, a two sided coin.

7. Concentrate: When doing a task , prioritize it. To avoid blunders concentrate on it. Complete whatever it is with maximum effort for a maximum satisfaction.

8. This last step is spiritualization. The person who realised this 8 noble path is indeed spiritualized.

*Don’t kill that fly; not to avoid hell but to give it an opportunity to live a life as we are.

*Share your gifts with poor; not with the intention to open the gates to heaven but to share a bit of happiness with that little kid with big blue eyes.

I know these tasks aren’t simple as they sound. As normal human beings , we all full of blunders, but as humans we can see through it. To enrich the reality. That reality is out of our reach as long as we blind ourselves with a mirage.
That’s why even this has been 2500 year old theory no one else could achieve it. It has only been a hand down sermon with full of words from a dead language. 


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