Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Extrovert who tried to be an Introvert ..!

In my high school, there was this girl; actually she was my friend.  An extrovert. A social butterfly. Loud, noisy and also fun.
If we asked her she'd sing a song, perform an act anything.

Normally extroverts are popular, but this girl later started to get the disliking from others.

There was a metaphor among the girls. “you sound like Tesa”/ “don’t talk like Tesa” etc.

By that time, there was a rumour among every one that introverts are bright students, they get top marks.... 
(this rumour still exists despite of its validity.)

This extrovert girl also wanted to try it. She changed drastically; at least she tried. 
This made me ask every minute whether she is ok. Everyone had this question in their minds.

That’s when that metaphor started. She became silent but she couldn’t suppress her very own nature.
When she was sociable, no one seemed to care her loud thoughts, but from a silent introvert-ish girl, they expected more reticent. 

She spoke out her mind, her thoughts out loud. 
Most people didn’t like this very much.

This made me wonder.....

The reason was clear. 
Whether she was an extrovert or introvert, she speaks out what everyone else is trying to hide.
She didn’t suppress or deny the thoughts as we did.!

When she find something she dislikes. She’d comment it.
At the cafe she ‘d say this taste like garbage while we were silently trying to gulp it down and being polite.

She’d comment anyone anywhere. That’s a free spirit.

She didn’t bother remember everyone’s names, that’s another thing others hated. 

This is a reflect upon the "The self-fulfilling prophecy" in psychology. 
This perspective implicates that the way we are being treated from the society is a mirror image of our behaviour towards the society. 

An Introvert may not interested in other's names but an extrovert is. 
An introvert-ish person; like Tesa might find this complicated and this was obviously weird to others too.

It’s time to draw the conclusion from this story, 
either a 50% extrovert or a complete extrovert ; trying to be another person is tiring. 

Our very own personality is unique & beautiful. 
It starts to recompense us from the moment we see it as a gift....


                             > Stepping out from the Comfort Zone...

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