Monday, December 7, 2015

We should stop Taking Everything for Granted..!

During the course of our lives we chase number of things. Most of them are for our own selfish purposes. Either nationwide or for personalised success; a single person achieving success can affect the whole world mostly in good ways.

It has happened in the long history of mankind since the ape climbed down from the trees. They selfishly achieved what they wanted, stone tools, fire, wheel. We modified and fabricated this selfishness by another word; evolution.

Can we actually call it a evolution? A single man pursuing his own ambition. Or a group of people wanting to achieve success. They will say that some day it will benefit others. But what about during this process; what will happen to the rest of the world;the nature.the wildlife.?

Can we justify endangering beings that can’t defend themselves while homo sapience is pursuing his goal to live long and prosperous.? No we can’t justify that.

We can never undo our acts unless we think about it now. Even our individual acts can affect the nature.
Can we reduce consuming polythene , plastic? Can we consume minimum supplies.? Reduce the amount of electronic garbage.? Reduce the food wastage.?

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago" - Warren Buffett.

That little sentence carry a strong emotion.
To be the one to sit in the shade, I also have to be the one to plant a tree...
For the every oxygen molecule we inhale, for the every carbon atom we intake; we owe it to the world.
We all have our dues to the society.

Watch Out for each other.... Think again before looking the other way..


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