Friday, December 25, 2015

When we don't know where we are going.......

If you know where you are going, you’re not going to find anything interesting.” – Michael Levitt, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry,2013.

I came across this quote when I was surfing through a twitter page of nobel laureates & this got me thinking.

Sometimes we are scared to take a leap or to step out from our comfort zone because we are terrified of the outcome, or where it will lead us. According to the quotation above, he was one person among many who didn’t  know where he was going. Apparently he won.

There’s a beauty in this, a wonder to make us strong enough to take the leap. Not knowing where we are going is like painting a sketch. We have an idea about how it will turn out, yet we carefully select our canvas and colours to paint it to be vibrant.

The Destination isn’t Fixed.
If we are not satisfied or happy about the route, we can always re route. While a fixed destination may appear as a burden, a "not-so-fixed" destination will be an adventure.

Problem Solving is on the way.
Fixed destinations always comes with fixed problems, but on the other hand, we don’t have to anticipate problems when we don't know what they are. We can find solutions and fix them "on the way"... On the way to our goal.

A simple change of Colors can turn it into a Masterpiece.
A wrong bend, undecided route can make the outcome different and wonderful. It’s another advantage, even an unsure decision can lead to an oasis, a paradise; that we've never known before..
you’ll never know.!

That may be what Michael Levitt was thinking..
It’s another reason to not to doubt yourself.

I remember a little story from few years ago,
 my cousin sister was 12 years old and he was spending her vacation with us. She drew a painting for an art competition; an outdoor scene ; was the theme. 
There was a power cut on that day and she was colouring it under candle light.
 In the morning I heard a scream and she was crying, saying that she was mistaken; she used black to colour the clouds instead of blue, which she wanted to use...
Then she scraped off the black like crazy and coloured it in dark blue. Yet she was crying because she didn’t have time to make a new one.

But she won first place...

Like that we don’t know how it would turn out to be......
It all depend on our faith & trust. Believing in ourselves, during the process.
not letting go of the hope, the courage we had at the beginning of the journey. 

 have faith.. Take the first step..
And I wish you all the luck and strength with your endeavours...

Well , do you also have experiences about “The wonder of not knowing where you are going.” ?
If so. We all like to hear about it.. 

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