Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 : A year to Merge with old hobbies and Meet new ones.

Old hobbies, not so old but found only a few months ago.
New hobbies, they are on the way.!

My pencils and sketchbook, my blog : the old buddies.

They made 2015 awesome and bearable for me.

Pencils, notebook and sketchbooks were staring at me while I was running up and down with busy few days. They look forbidden and ignored. But if I could apologise I’d explain how much they helped me to stay on the edge in 2015. 

For me ; 2015 was a year mixed with good and bad.

New Directions
My life changed in few directions. Bending in turns, going uphill..
A challenge not a journey..
Trusting myself when everyone is doubting, stepped on to a voyage of 4 years with no turning back..

Happiness and soul crushing sadness.
On a scale of 1-10 how was 2015 for you.?
For me, it is 5..
It didn’t reach 10 and either 0. So it’s a relief.
2015 made me realise how  important it is to find simple things in a big mess and be happy about them.
Finally, Every dark cloud has a silver lining is a profound saying I couldn’t forget.

Bitter lies and sweet truths.. 
Truth isn’t bitter. After revealing the true form, only lies look bitter.

Starting from today. It’s a promise to my little hobbies, I won’t ignore you. Even it is busy and messy you’ll be my buddies...

New Hobbies
The year will fill with books and notes.
Though I’m not sure about new hobbies I’m quite sure of finding a few new routines....

New Buddies
Hope to meet lots of buddies both literal and metaphorical. 

Overall Evaluation
I survived 2015 and hope to thrive in 2016.

My wish for you is to have the courage,strength and blessings to spend and to enjoy every moment of the year in the way you’ve planned....
Good Luck..!!


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