Saturday, January 23, 2016

My first childhood fandom; The X-Files..

Granted that it was scary and not good as a tv show after 9 pm, I loved it and I still do.
I was 8 when I first started to watch the series, in 2003 and I instantly became a fan. 
Ever since that little girl remains the same, waiting till January 24th to watch the new season,
Mulder and Scully again.

If you are like me, please raise your hand I’d like to give you a high five. Yeah.!

*In this post I’m talking about the character Mulder not the actor David Duchovny whose acting is beyond expectation and brilliant & I assure you there are no spoilers about the new season.. So feel free to keep reading....

In my childhood I was full of Mulder’s conceptions and conspiracies, UFO was my favourite word then.

But by that time I couldn’t watch the show until its final episode. So, I didn’t know about the time Mulder came to realise the hoaxes and truths behind those conspiracies.

Even though, I didn’t watch the show till the conclusion, the idea about green men faded away from me and I also became a fan of a much bigger conspiracy like Mulder.

Mulder is my first favourite TV character. Though we have different standpoints about paranormal we both stand on the same ground about extraterrestrials.

He believes what he believes.

He fought for a cause.

It was Mulder’s kindness, uniqueness, willingness to believe are the qualities what caught a child’s heart 13 years ago.

Watching this show again as a young adult, I saw the friendship and respect between Scully and Mulder. They help each other, sticking together,trusting one another with their life.

Scully joined FBI despite her family’s objections to find the right place for her. At her dad’s funeral all she wanted to know was whether her dad was proud of her.

Mulder was following a cause, to find the truth about his lost sister. 
Ultimately it became useless.

Though he was tricked several times in to be that she was alive, he finally found out that she was dead; she was killed.

Then his cause rendered moot. But he didn’t stop following it.

Following The Truth which is Out There..........


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