Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rest In Peace Alan Rickman ...

Our Snape; hero who was hidden in the plain sight.

I first saw him on the big screen as the rude, boring Potions Professor.
His acting was brilliant. We saw only the evil professor until the very end where we saw his memories. And ever since he is a hero for us.

The actors who bring characters into life will remain in our hearts forever.
The HP characters will always remain as professors and students of Hogwarts.
No matter how hard we tried we can’t imagine anyone other than themselves for those characters.

I tried and I couldn’t.

Daniel will remain as Harry.. same goes with Emma and Rupert and everyone else.

When we read these books again in another 50 or 60 years (Oh yeah.. definitely we will.) 
we will imagine these same faces again.

Even we won’t see them in person... 
They will remain as our immortal kindred witch spirits; thanks to JKR.......


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