Saturday, January 9, 2016

Visiting the vulnerable.. Take your heart with you ; they don’t care what else you bring.!

This vulnerability may come from a terminal disease, a sudden illness or an accident.
Some of these disability situation can be recovered over time. 
They assist psychological help during these recovery process. 
But in the meantime, family members and close friends have a responsibility.

I currently visited a friend of my dad’s and he was suffering from complications of a stroke.
He was a teacher and he is also a karate black belt winner. I think this pretty much explains his physical and psychological capacities.

His family members has been a great support to him though I couldn’t accept the person who lends him books to read.

The person I mentioned above lends him many religious books. I always accept reading any type of book but in this vulnerable position, it’s not the best time to read about the uncertainty of life.

The only thing matters is that is recovery , both physical and psychological.

They feel disempowered and helpless.
They do feel these things.
When they are unable to work as previous days, they start to think about their vulnerability.
They need us to listen and understand.

Maybe they’ll want to talk about it. Maybe they won’t.
It’s their choice to talk about their situation or not to talk about it. Sometimes they like to talk about it to avoid future complications or to advise someone.
Whatever it is, the best thing to do is listen and support their state of mind.

Avoid negative conversations.
Any conversation like, that’s how life is / what to do now.?
They are just negative as they sound.. saying “you’ll be alright” is acceptable but just sound is cheerful.

Take a useful book with you.
Any book which carries a message about the wonder of life and about living the life is a gift. A good book can also be a plot to a good conversations.

Visit them, now is the time they need you the most.

Don’t forget to take your heart and ears, because each word they say matters.....


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