Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting ready for an oral exam of a language that I’ve never spoken before..

Yeah.! It’s scary and depressing as it sounds. Exam is only three days away and I went shopping...

I love to learn a new language, whether it’s Hindi,Chinese, French or Spanish I’d love learn it.
In this case they’ve given us a time frame, 2 weeks. They assume that we could learn how to speak within that time limit.

Learning a new language is an opportunity that knocks at door, but in this case necessity bangs at my door. So, I  just have to answer it regardless of the outcome.

I’ve only watched a handful of movies and a few songs on this new language and right now I’m keeping my fingers crossed on passing the test.!


2 days later....

I faced to that exam and it wasn’t that terrible after all. Now, I’m glad that I have even a slight understanding of one more language..

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