Saturday, February 13, 2016

Had a taste of a busy life and I learnt 5 things..!

There is a saying ; that some things in life we need to have a firsthand experience to know exactly what it is like to be. Having a tight schedule is something like that. During my short experience; I've learnt few things. 

Even though these experiences are recent, my feelings are long lasting.. 
My first alarm goes off at 4.35 a.m and my second alarm screams at 4.40 a.m. The 5 minutes between them is a bliss..! 

Here are few things I figured out..

1>There are no shortcuts.
Time management is  helpful, but, everything else is illusive. Every situation is something to deal with every issue is important. So every minute is to spend.

2> Time waste can be inevitable.
At some points this can be an inevitable factor of a busy life. The thing I learnt is “the more you think about it, the more you’re gonna stress out.” Just let it be.

3> Sleep
Sleep deprivationInsomnia and oversleeping.
All of the above are connected to a busy schedule. During my short experience of a busy life, the longest sleep I’ve got is for 5 hours. Every other day is less than that.

4> Tomorrow
The only thing that woke me up after a few hours sleep is the feeling of a new day. But over time, feelings like this may fade. So, it’s necessary to find a reason to wake up. A yummy breakfast, after work plans, a movie that streaming next night etc.

5> Weekend
Have super week end coz it will only come once in a week.. Weekend is a reward for a busy week. So, go ahead and plan your next week end; have your ideal day off.!