Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting back to My Blog..!!

My Blogging started nearly six months ago. It was just following a passion, sharing what I read & things I stumbled upon. It was a journey and an adventure as well; living in a virtual world reading,writing and reading again....

Then I had to start another journey in my real life, It got busy to busier. So the virtual world was on a pause. Complying to my blogging buddy’s persistent requests and my own conscious, I feel now it’s the time to start; start again.

Learning the balance and finding the sweet spot is a must when following a passion. Otherwise a vital variable might miss from the equation.

During the the time I was off the grid a lot has happened in the surrounding. Most of them were in the happy side and inevitably some of them were in the opposite side.

Though happy memories glimmer the memory lane we cannot decline the bad memories; they are the ones which set a baseline for happiness. Happiness is a relative emotion. 
Money cannot buy happiness but this doesn’t mean wealth brings sadness. 

Among my happy memories, there’s a blogpost in my blogging buddy’s blog; Ruvi's thoughts... post titled as Anonymous-6. It has been some time since she posted it. So I think it’s ok to reveal the anonymous-6. Although eavesdropping is a bad habit, overhearing someone saying a good thing about you can lighten up a day.
Then what about seeing something good someone had written about you..?

Thank You for such a beautiful post. It made my day... 

Another happy memory New friends. Literally new, literally friends... that’s a win win ...
Because friends make the valley of life beautiful even when standing there and saying nothing, their mere presence is always a bliss.. 

And down the hill; inevitable bad memories.
letting down, isolation and resentments these all were there; gratefully at a small degree.

I survived. 
Now I'm spending a well deserved two weeks vacation  with few good books with a cup of coffee and my virtual world plus my blog.

See you soon..!!


  1. Blogging buddy ;) thanks for mentioning about my blog post here..hehe