Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not Feminism ; but Realism

She is a healer, creator and a designer.

Even this is not a pre-planned post about feminism or society.. It turned out that those variables are in the same equation and cannot be separated.;
World thinks that each Home sapience who carry two x chromosomes is a born feminist
Even though everyone ought to speak for her, her rights and her future, she is the volunteer spokesperson for herself and others.

A girl, a woman, a mother,  a leader; so many roles one chromosome decides.
Mother nature, mother ship even mother nucleus... so many words root from her.

Over 50% of the world population. Yet, she needs a voice.
That’s not because she hasn’t the voice, because her voice has been diminished over centuries.  Early hominids left females at caves and went hunting and exploring because looking after the offspring was her duty..

Ahem.. ditto even for today.

  Her responsibilities has made her silent in front of the injustice upon her. The world and even she doesn’t see it as a injustice; as a matter of fact; YES it is.

A child who is deprived of education ; an infant who deprived of her chance to be born; a young girl who deprived of her life choices, just because she was born a girl.!

It’s not fate, 
it’s the attitude, attitude of others which has brought this misfortune.

A college girl who can’t get permission for a night party outside just because her parents couldn’t trust the society, the people in it.!

A woman who can’t stay late at the library when her instincts say to catch the not-too-late subway train/bus because she can’t trust the fellow members of the society.

 Who to blame.? It is the society.

From a society which doesn’t look at another person as a reflection of himself, we cannot accept much. 
If you can feel the pain someone carrying, if you try just to get a mere picture of someone else's crushed dreams you wouldn’t want to live on this earth anymore.

A minute; a thought can change a life, lives for the good or to the evil it is just a matter of attitude, matter of opinion, point of view.

How he/she see the life for himself/herself whether he/she wish that success , happiness even for the tiniest living, breathing creature in front of him/her.? This will decide future of a society.

That’s where all the change happens. 
The moment “caring” becomes an act than a word, the world will become a far more greater place to live, to feel the life and the true meaning of existence than it is now.


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