Thursday, July 21, 2016

7 things My Best Friend's Better half should Know..

First of all I’m proud to say that I have BFFs.. yeah in plural. It’s intriguing to see them wandering in their relationships hand in hand. I share their happiness wishing more and more happiness to them.
This powerful four letter word can bring drifting girls down to earth and can make guys to see the world in another perspective. Love is what drove Jane to Mr.Rochester from far away & Heathcliff to Catherine from a world far beyond.
These few things listed below, I think every guy should know. They  were gathered from my surroundings and as always feel free to object..

 1. I know her better than you. So deal with it.
She has been my best friend since forever and you are the recent arrival. yeah it's your responsibility to know her better. don't envy me just get to know her, you have my blessings.

2.normally don’t take sides. But if I have to, it’ll always be her.
I’m concerned about your relationship. But I’m not nosy. So I always in a neutral ground. But fyi I’m always on HER side.

3. Let her live her dreams.
As every girl would, some of her dreams are not so down to earth. But as long as she enjoys them, I suggest you support her. I’m not telling to let her live in a bubble, but she loves her dreams,who knows may be she might achieve them in ways we couldn’t imagine today.

4. Don’t ever think of hurting her.
This goes without saying but I suggest you think twice before breaking her heart. I mean even minor stuff. It’s okay to walk on a rough path until things are figured out without roughly implicating. Always talk things through before arriving harsh suggestions.

5. You must love her more than I do.
We were best friends. We are still best friends. Hopefully we’ll stay that way forever. I think you should consider that too because BFFs are always around. So sort things out even with them. Even they are not your type talk with "her" and clear all the misunderstandings. That’ll lead to double dates for sure, unless she’s the third wheel.

6. Third wheel/s
If there’s a third wheel  around on your date. *please remember she isn’t jealous of , you lovebirds. In fact she smiles inside and wish her best friend all the happiness in life...

7. Don’t let her get distant from her best friend/s.
Last but not least if she enjoys the company of her friends, let her be with them. Sometimes with you and may be even without you. We girls like to go wild once in awhile *within our limits. So why not let her.

Soooo.. now lovebirds get back to your beautiful ships..... Regards from me.!


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